After claiming victory in King Fenray’s Tourney at the side of Billiam the Brightblade, you were taken to feast at the King’s hall where you fought off the King’s Guard as they presumed to reclaim the King’s toys, Arnaghyr and Whisper, and in the process you lost contact with Billiam. One guard named Cobly, led you out of the castle, apparently agent to the same prophecy Billiam spoke of. Meynaud, one of the King’s closest advisors, told you to go to Lord Rolde in the east, and gave you aid as you took refuge in the caves for the night.

Narrowly avoiding certain death in the collapsing tunnels as you fled the capital city, you happened upon a couple of the King’s men bringing a new beast for King Fenray. They were stalked by twisted mockeries of wolves who freed the deadly cargo. The beasts killed one of the king’s men and the other fled before you slew the monstrosities. You heard talk of these abominations plaguing the area from Lupe the innkeep, distracted by this scourge no one in the town seemed to give your party a second glance. Arriving at Lord Rolde’s keep, you were welcomed by curiosities of steel and iron, and destroyed them in self-defense. Lord Rolde was clearly upset by their loss, but insists he was only fearing your own safety.

The Long Night